Little Red Rooster delivers superb results for our clients, taking their exceptional products to where the worlds of design, technology and fashion collide

What we do

Little Red Rooster offers a unique proposition: cutting across traditional agency boundaries we take our clients out of their comfort zones and expose them to new audiences thanks to our remarkable press relationships. We are the little agency that matches the big guns for cuttings but not cost. As our name suggests, we may be small but like the rooster we are the loudest animal in the farmyard. We do things with honesty, integrity and authenticity. Oh, and we love the Rolling Stones

Our Pedigree

We have a proven track record of bringing products to market, broadening exposure for already established brands, gaining exceptional coverage across a wide range of media, both online and offline, across the luxury, interior, fashion and tech media segments. We are known for making products desirable and taking niche brands to the wider consumer

Way of the Rooster

Not all fashion tech PR firms are the same. The way they work means they achieve vastly varying results for the companies employing them. With real passion, expert knowledge and a whole lot of personality, we expose our clients to new audiences, cutting across traditional agency boundaries. Little Red Rooster is better because we’re different


“We have been really impressed with Little Red Rooster. The work the agency has undertaken on our new Ted Baker Audio range has generated some exceptional press coverage, exposing our brand to a plethora of new consumers. Little Red Rooster has delivered exactly the results it said it would. I would definitely recommend the agency!”
— Craig Smith, Brand Communication Director - Ted Baker


Victoria Ruffy

Keef the office dog



Henry Griffiths

Vic and Henry joined forces to create an agency that owned the space where the worlds of design, fashion and technology collide, being as comfortable talking technology as fashion as design, and being able to take clients wherever they wanted to go in these areas. All Little Red Rooster clients offer perfectly engineered, beautifully crafted, high performing, exquisite, premium products



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The entire Little Red Rooster team is passionate about, and has an expert understanding of, the products and clients they represent. They also thrive on ensuring clients get the very best coverage possible – sometimes even getting a little bit competitive with each other!

Everyone at Little Red Rooster is crazy about fashion tech PR and design. You will see from our testimonials that Little Red Rooster is an agency you can trust and has very strong relationships across the entire media spectrum. Our team has many years of experience working across a wide range of renowned brands including The National Gallery, Range Rover, Bugatti, Jaguar, KitchenAid, Air Studios, Oxfam, Samsung, O2, Loewe, Selfridges, Harrods and a whole lot more

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